Monday, October 5, 2009

Makin' Memories

There are times in life
when you just gotta
let the dishes go dirty,
the floor go unswept,
and try forget that list of chores
hanging on the fridge.

Sometimes you've got
to chuck responsibility
for fun.

And Saturday night,
that's just what I did.

My family decided to
build a big fire out by the pond.
At first I warned them that
it was too windy-
too cold-
too late for such nonsense.

But, they stacked the twigs
and loaded dry leaves
and lit the match
that soon flared into
a yellow magical reflection
on the water.

The moon was full
and cast a silver glow
to the trees and the garden.
The air was crisp
and fragrant
with firewood.
And we were all fluffed up
in hoodies and blankets
as we positioned our lawn chairs
closer and closer to the flames.

There we all were.
My two daughters,
my son-in-law,
my two grand kids,
my husband,
my son and his girlfriend,
my sister,
and another couple.

Enjoying as something as simple
as a fire.
And great conversation.
And hilarious laughter.
A few tears.
A few shots of liquor-
(just enough to warm the belly)-
and a bond that superseded
washing the chili bowls from supper.

My husband took me aside
and decided it was time for
a bit of scare tactics.
We grabbed some white sheets
from the house
and proceeded to sneak around
so the group wouldn't see us
from their circle of light.

The full moon didn't help
our attempt to remain hidden.
And then Ernie The Dog
barked a warning -
so we froze in place,
hoping they didn't see us
heading around for our sneak attack.

We laughed quietly
and continued to make our way
up the east pond bank.
I had on clogs, which kept slipping off
and my husband finally had to
give my butt a big boost
so I could make it to the path.

We went through a few spider webs,
low branches, and crumbling leaves
till we came to the clearing on the
west bank.
We draped the sheets over us
and just stood there in the moonlight.

How could they not see us?
How could two giant white figures
looming in the open, go unnoticed?
Why didn't they quit their crazy
talking for just a minute
so we could scare the pee out of them?

We decided to start the "booing"
and we ran toward them,
successful in scaring no one
but the kids.

But it was fun, anyway.

It was better than sitting in
front of the TV,
or sweeping crackers off the floor,
or making out a Things To Do list.

I'm glad I stayed up way past
my usual bedtime.
I'm glad I let the dishes go.
I'm glad I got to share time
with my sister.

I'm glad I got to watch the faces
of my family light up with
laughter in the moonlight-
that I got to inhale the vision
of firelight and fun
into the secret folds of my heart.

I'm glad I made a memory.