Thursday, October 22, 2009

Funky Monkey Love

I was about eight years old
when I first fell in love.

It was at my Grandma C's house
and it was with a sock monkey.
Oh, how cute!
How adorable!
And how affordable!
Grandma could just make me one!

And that she did.

He was soft, cuddly,
didn't talk back,
and required no batteries.
And he weathered the
roughest storms
and the meanest brothers.

A few years ago, I made a sock monkey
for my grand daughter-
it's ears a bit lopsided-
it's crooked red lips
stuffed a little too much-
it's tail a twisted mass of
thread and bobbin gone wild.

But it was loved.

And that's what counts.

Those red heeled socks
aren't just for makin' monkeys
They've exploded into
a variety of home made creations
that retain that simple cuteness
and pure monkey love.

There are other monkey sock animals:

And all sorts of other cool sock stuff:

And just in time for Halloween!

I don't know whatever happened
to my sock money.
But no doubt it probably became soiled,
the stuffing began to peep out,
and the tail was twisted off by baby brothers
or angry pets.

So- wherever you are,
my old sock monkey-
I still love you!

And that's what really counts.