Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Yesterday was a perfect autumn day.

At first the air was cold,
but by afternoon it mellowed
into a sunny leaf-tossed day
meant for long walks
and Kodak moments.

I took advantage of the weather
to mow the lawn.
Perhaps for the last time this year.

It was my time to reflect.
To breathe.
To dream and sing and plan.

But, yet- what a whirlwind
passed through my mind!
I thought of everything
and of nothing-
sang songs without knowing
the words,
and regretted destroying perfect red leaves
that fell beneath my blades.

I thought about the trash man
and wondered if he was expecting a check
and if he'd cuss because I put
out eight bags instead of the
five allowed.

I thought about the
pumpkin/pecan coffee I had left in the pot
and hated to think of it going to waste.

And then I thought about
how delicious it would taste-
warmed up- with a handful of cookies.

I thought about the
new fleece sheets that I bought
and hoped they came out of the dryer
smelling like kiss-scented Snuggle.

I thought about my eight pumpkins
and wonder if I'll even carve them this year
or just leave them bald and faceless.

I thought about my back fat
and wondered if passersby
could see my tee shirt riding up
in an uncomfortable sort of way.

I thought about the garden
and how that last green tomato
keeps hanging on
even though everything else is dead
and there's no hope of ever
getting red.

I thought about my scarecrow, Samuel-
and how he definitely needs to
get out of those disco threads
and into bibs, a flannel shirt
and some really freaky mask.

I thought about pork steaks
on the grill
and red baked potatoes
with sour cream and chives.

I thought about my garage
and how in the world I'm ever
gonna get it clean.

I thought about my husband playing guitar
and I smiled and felt warm.

Then I thought about me learning to play guitar-
and then I let that thought
just slide away really quick.

I thought about my sister
and I cried with her.

I thought about my grand kids
and I laughed with them.

I thought about my husband's smile
and my heart grew full of love.

I thought about Bob
and wondered if he is in Heaven.

I thought about the years
and how they have grown
like a thick cocoon around me-
and I thought that how someday
it will crack open
and I'll fall like shattered glass-
and God will sweep me up
and put me back together
and take me to a better world.

Where everyday is autumn
and red leaves
dance in the wind.