Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I read a humor story the other day
about a woman who was desperate
to buy new furniture because
she had important company arriving
for the holidays.

In jest her husband blurted out-
"You act like Jesus is coming to visit!"

And, in her own defense,
she comically explained that
it might not be a bad idea
to get the new furniture immediately
just in case the Rapture came.

I laughed,
but it also got me to thinking...
Would I want new furniture
if Jesus actually came to visit?

Would I scrub and clean
and fix up my house
to be some kind of show place
that it really isn't-
just to impress Jesus?

Would I go out and buy steak and lobster-
a bottle of good wine,
and set my dusty Bible out
on the coffee table?

I think Jesus would want me to be me.

I think I would offer Him
the most comfortable chair in the house-
even though the arms are
a little worn
and it rocks a bit unsteady.

And if He had dust on His sandals
I'd wash it off for Him
and let Him know not to worry-
that nothing could hurt that old carpet.

I think He would be a bit suspicious
if there wasn't a little dust.
Plus, I think He'd be satisfied
to share my dinner salad
or a nice brat on the grill.

As for the Bible-
well, that's something
I should have thought of sooner.
Digging it out of the closet now
would just be a phony act
of deception.

I suppose it might be
something I should do today-
before He really comes to visit.

Just to get familiar with it and all.

You know.

I just hope that if Jesus came
He would feel that my home was full of love-
that it was comfortable and lived in-
that there was genuine happiness here-
and true gratitude and thankfulness.

And here's another thing-
I guess I better practice praying-
I'm sure He'd want me to lead off
during lunch and dinner and bedtime
with a word of praise.

Not to be preachy-
or pretentious-
but is your house in order
if Jesus came to visit today?

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