Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Treasure Hunting

I can't help but feel proud today.
Because yesterday I finally got around
to cleaning out my desk drawers
and the file cabinet.

I was actually looking for birthday candles
and knew they had to be somewhere.
For once my procrastination
was overruled by the
overwhelming sense of need.

My other needs were simple.
I had to free up space for new junk.

It's always interesting
and a little bit fun
to go through
drawers that haven't
seen the light of day
since Clinton was president.

Or maybe longer.

The bottom of the file cabinet
was packed with computer manuals
and software installation material.
All floppy disks.


Then I guessed it was about time
to trash the Windows 98 guide,
the Atari 800 computer book,
and the cord to my old
Radio Shack 2-line jumbo-button phone.

I found two pair of earrings,
a black bracelet,
a half dozen ponytail holders
and six nail clippers...

...lottery cards from 2001,
a golf ball and tee (?),
three shoes from a Bratz doll
and part of a magnifying glass.

I also unearthed nine dollars
and seventy two cents in change.

Of course the fun part was
finding old photos of the kids
and pictures of old pets I've already
forgotten the names of.

I found sentimental greeting cards,
forgotten poetry
and rocks I had brought back
from the river.

I found a copy of the Star Report,
a magazine about 9-11
and a dog-eared TV Guide
featuring Magnum PI.

From under the clutter
I even pulled out a paper labeled
in my granddaughter's pre-school
It was a detailed plan on
how to make an alien out of
green material and big painted eyes
so that we could scare Aunt Erin.

I smiled at her crude printing
and atrocious spelling.
And then I laughed at the
post script:
P.S. : She will pee her pants!

All in all,
it turned out to be
a productive day.
I'm not only $9.72 richer,
but my heart feels lighter.

And I know now
exactly where
I stashed
the birthday candles.