Friday, March 27, 2009

Counting Blessings

It's amazing how green the grass
has gotten in just a few days.
Already I can see a thin veil of color
across the pond-
buds popping out that will soon
blossom into a tangle of odd weeds
and choked out bushes.

The fish are starting to move-
their tails flapping in ripples
across the still-shallow water,
their bug eyes and pouty lips
begging for bread crumbs
as I wander close to the pond bank.

I realize that I am so blessed
to live in the country.
To have a big yard
and a garden
and a private place to cookout
or camp out
or hang out
whenever I want.

I can hear birds
and watch them peck at tiny seeds
or huge earthworms-
I can smell honeysuckle
and lilac
and freshly mowed grass.

I can step outside the back door
in my pajamas and slippers
and never worry if the neighbors
are close and critical.

A lot of work comes with it all.
The lawn must be mowed,
the trees trimmed,
and the garden must weeded and hoed
with every measurable rainfall.

But after the work is complete
for the day,
there is no better gift than to be able to
sit back with a glass of wine,
a steak on the grill,
and adore a beautiful sunset.

I look forward to the warm days
when sweat forms on my brow
and dust gathers on my toes and sandals-
when the huge mass of stars hang
in the sky above me
like an amazing blanket of glitter.
And the moon-
all chalky and round,
smiles at me in my pj's.

Today it will rain.
I say, let it come.
Let it fall down upon this great earth
and feed the land.
Let it bring growth and greenery
and lasting hope.

Let it bless our lives.
Our new season.
Our summer dreams.