Monday, March 30, 2009

Life Lessons 101

I got to thinking today-
about life...
about Easter...
about rules...
about struggles...

Life is like an Easter egg hunt.

1. Put your best foot forward
Whether it's a black Paten shoe or a
great sneaker, be ready to cross the finish line
with a big bang and a round of applause.
Don't be afraid to run when you need to,
but take the time to slow down and
smell the daffodils.
And life is short- be comfortable.

2. Look your best
Clean hair and fresh clothing is always
an asset. Even if you're just crossing
the neighbors field for a quick hunt,
put on a nice outfit. You never know
when you'll run into your
old friends from high school.

3. Have a plan
Don't just grab any old basket and start running.
Be selective, smart, and strategic in your endeavor.
Think ahead and see the obstacles before
you reach them. Pace yourself.

4. Don't overlook the choices
Realize that sometimes that really cool-colored egg
may get snatched up before you reach it.
But just because it's not flashy and flamboyant
doesn't mean it's not worth the space in your
basket. Some of the plainest eggs
hold the best prizes.

5. Play by the rules
Don't push, trip, tease or deceive
your opponents.
Winning by cheating is never
fulfilling or lasting.
Be determined and steadfast,
but not vicious and blood-thirsty.

6. Be organized
Don't just start filling up your
basket and run with the goods.
Place them gently and in some type
of order so they won't break.
Get too many eggs in a hurry
and the ones on the bottom break
and rot.
It is better to have five eggs
in excellent shape
than a hundred cracked ones.

7. The Golden egg
Don't quit trying-even if you see that
someone else has snatched the best egg.
Your personal golden egg
may be waiting for you behind the next
tree or around the distant bend.
Never, ever, give up.

8. Have fun
Don't take the whole hunt too seriously.
The fact that you got to participate is
the greatest gift ever.
Laugh. Sing. Breathe the sweet air.
No matter how it may seem
to you right now-
it's not really a race.

9. Don't put all your eggs in one basket
Always have a backup plan or an alternate
route. Keep a few eggs in your pocket
or your hoodie for safe keeping.
An extra basket is always a smart idea.

10. Be thankful
Be proud of what you have found
and realize that no one's search is
in vain.
No one's hunt is a failure.
Everybody's basket is filled differently.
Just give thanks for yours.