Monday, March 9, 2009

Rejuvenation Station

Well, I'm sure I speak for many
when I praise that genius who
claimed today "Napping Day".

Due to the jolting spring forward
and the loss of an hour of sleep,
common sense just tells us
that a good nap should definitely
be the order of the day.

My sister Linda
gets teased a lot about her naps.
But if you ever experienced
her afternoon wrath
because she's missed one...
well.... let's just say
it's not a happy time. :)

I am guilty of the same indulgence myself.

I have even tried to convince my husband
and the critical outside world
that a nap is merely
a rejuvenation period.
A space of time between morning and night
where the mind and body shut down
to replenish and repair the spirit.

My favorite place to nap-
(I mean- rejuvenate)-
is the couch.

Always armed with a soft pillow and
a light blanket-
and having easy access to the
remote control and the telephone-
I experience everything from
a short cat nap
to a two hour dream marathon.

My husband's method's
are quite different.
He usually naps sitting up
in his recliner
with a beer in one hand,
the TV blaring,
and with rhythmic bobs
of the head and chin-
with an occasional snort/snore.

Some nap aficionado once stated
that a person does not "take a nap"-
(for that subtly implies that it
was stolen or snatched secretively)-
but that the preferred verb is
to "have a nap".
Just as innocently and freely
as having an coffee break.

There are even books available
that explain the art of napping.

But, you know-
I do quite well
without them.