Monday, March 23, 2009


I'm Baaaaaaaaccckkk!

Wow! It's hard to believe that one simple week
was packed with so much activity!
I missed writing about Lips Appreciation Day,
(I'll get to that story real soon, though),
St. Patrick's Day, Maple Syrup Day, and
the First Day of Spring!

It's also hard to believe
that I barely got a thing done
after taking a week off to do just that.

I opened my closet door this morning
and there was still only room enough
to squeeze in sideways.
It IS a walk-in closet-
or supposed to be, anyway.

And once I slide in there,
I have to crawl around
and do handstands in order
to find shoes and belts
and other needful things that
live in the corners.

I have stacks of comforters
and tablecloths
and empty suitcases.
And a bunch of old clothes
that I might need
in case I decide to paint or
stomp grapes or
spread manure.

You just never know.

And then there are
the boxes of old papers,
and remnants of a junk drawer.

I cannot believe
that I didn't even get started on it!

But I told myself today
that it must be done.
I can't find my summer clothes
or half of my flip-flops.
And heaven forbid if my husband
decides to open that closet door!

I shudder to think.

I suppose I did get a nice week off
to let my mind and creativity rest.
But, there again,
I have nothing to show for it-
not even any good blog ideas!

But I hope you are all back
on my page again-
Hope you are all enjoying
the beginnings of spring,
the songs of birds,
and the hope of warm weather.

we'll talk about lips.