Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Weekend Update

Well, the Sister Weekend has come and gone and I just want my sisters to know how much I enjoyed their company. We had some really good laughs and got a lot of good loot at the 61 miles of yard sales!

Thanks to Tina for her excellent driving skills, her innate power to parallel park, backup, squeeze in, and make sudden unexpected stops and turns. Strapped in the back seat with piles of precious cargo, I felt perfectly safe even when the brakes began to squeal.

Linda was the perfect hostess-
allowing us to all take maps when she did-
providing us with cold sodas, hot showers,
and some of mom's famous Scroodles.

Jewel was the front seat driver and lookout manager
and as always, had her camera poised for a Kodak moment.
She led us in song when our spirits grew weary
and made us laugh when we thought we couldn't
laugh another minute.

Together, we spent a total of $216.50.
We stopped at 75 yard sales.
We got such items as books, games, clothes, purses, shoes, home decor, and toys.
Too much to list!

And we sang "Hallelujah"
162 times.
But, that's another story!


Not feeling well today, so I will write more another time.

Blogger Update!!!!
News on "My Fat Little Fellow" blog entry.
Apparently, my beaver friend has given birth to about three
four-pound babies and I never saw it coming!