Tuesday, September 9, 2008


There is a popular wooden sign found in stores that says "Simplify".

So short.
No beating around the bush.
Sounds so easy-
so quick and painless.
It almost gives the impression that you can choose to simplify your life
as easily as you choose a pizza topping.


I suppose it's because by the time you hit middle-age,
you've got baggage.
Not just an access of Tupperware, hand tools, magazines,
old shoes, Christmas bulbs and empty coffee cans.
You've got kids and grand kids and retirement and taxes
to heap up on your shoulders, too.

I believe that simplicity is a gift of youth.

How simple it was as a child
to watch cartoons all day.
To run in the wind- to ride a bike-
to play tag in the cool, night grass.
How simple it was to let your parents
cart you to school and practice
and the movies once in awhile.
How simple to be given clean clothes
and great meals,
and love without doubt.

Yesterday, I picked up a couple of packages of M&M's
for the grand kids.
I watched in amazement as that brown wrapper was
twisted and torn
till the candy spilled from its package.
But, you know what?
That made them so happy.
Don't know for sure if it was the
"melt-in-your-mouth" chocolate,
or the fact that I bought them
that made them so grateful.

It was so simple.
To have a pack of candy
make your whole day special.
Wouldn't that be great?

I have tried to simplify.
Cleaned closets, drawers-
tossed out papers and cards and junk mail-
rearranged and discarded furniture-
tried to keep the fridge stocked only with basics,
and cut back on the magazines.
I've tried to stay out of the problems of my kids
and their kids
and to try not to worry about them
when I go to bed at night.

It would be wonderful to have the simple things again.

To be able to sit all day in a rocking chair
and watch the stars come out at night.
Take a long walk in the autumn leaves,
a cool nap on the hammock,
and skip stones on the pond.
Listen to classic rock with the speakers turned up,
make Jiffy Pop
and wear pajamas all day.
Watch Sponge Bob,
to laugh till your belly hurt-
and love, love, love
the simplicity
of your life.

And to top the whole day off
with a package of M&M's
would just be
"simply" perfect...