Saturday, September 6, 2008

Random Ponderings

Today I just want to thank all of my friends and family, (and strangers) who have commented on my Blog and those of you that have left such inspiring comments. I sit down every single morning with a blank page and ponder what on earth to write about. But it is all of you that keep me pushing, prodding, and producing words that tell my story. Thank you.

It makes me happy to know that my nieces have tuned in,also. Libby and Kelli and Kari and Olivia- and all the rest who- I don't know for sure, but suspect- have taken a peek at what happens on my porch.

I am still feeling the effects of the sister weekend. I guess sometimes us gals forget we are not twenty years old anymore. Getting in and out of the van 75+ times, eating unwisely, using muscles that have long ago atrophied- yeah- I am still feelin' it!

Speaking of the sister weekend, this is probably a good time to explain the "hallelujah" song.

Well, the first sale we stopped at had an over-the-door Christmas novelty item. One side is a door knocker that is engraved with "Happy Holidays" and a red and gold striped bar (like a wreath hanger) hangs over the door into the inside where it attaches to a big, gold bell.
When guests activate the knocker, the bell starts chiming and goes into a full rendition of "Hallelujah, Hallelujah!!!!"

Don't even ask me what possessed me to buy it, but my first $2.50 was well spent. ( I suspect I have a wee bit of White Trash in my blood:)

We had talked of how our oldest sister and mom was with us in angel form, guiding us to the good yard sales and keeping our spirits up. At the mention of their names, the bell started singing "Hallelujah". We got a good laugh, but soon the bell would go off randomly- usually when we approached a sale or were debating on whether to stop or pass.

I guess the "Hallelujah" bell was motion activated, but it started getting kinda scary. After that day, the bell was moved and tossed around and has never once gone off without pushing the knocker. Go figure... And thanks to Barb and mom for making their presence known!

I am in the process of preparing for my Halloween party and it is sad how obsessed I become. I have ideas bouncing in my head and can't wait to follow through. My bathroom is going to be a spider den like last year, but with lots more spiders and webbing. I am even going to round up some old Barbie dolls to wrap in spider cocoons and dangle from the ceiling.
My sister Linda and husband Wayne always try to get here a day early to help, which we appreciate. Usually we carve pumpkins while having a few shots of something alcoholic and spend the night in anticipation of a full day and night ahead.

I have most of my costume complete and it is mostly Goodwill finds. I did buy a $12 item yesterday at the Halloween store and am looking for a cheap wig or hair piece. The only problem with wearing a wig is if you get uncomfortable and take it off, your hair looks matted and crappy all night. That's usually the time the cameras start clicking and I resent and hate every picture of me that is taken!
So, the wig is still an uncertain accessory to my outfit. Now, to find a costume for my husband! That is a job that I dread. He is so particular.

I have decided to start decorating tomorrow for autumn. I already have a tin vase of sunflowers in my porch and a little scarecrow in my flower bed, but I usually put out an autumn wreath a few strands of leaf garland. I think it's about time to put away the pink flamingos. But, then again, how would they look with witches hats? Or wrapped like mummies? There I go again- can't stop!

Hope you all have a great weekend.
I'll be washing garden veggies, babysitting grandkids, surfing the net for haunting ideas, and hopefully find time to do what I do best-
ponder on my porch.