Friday, April 30, 2010

Zipping It Up (Z)

(There is a video at the end of this post. You might want to play it as you read. For ambiance. Or whatever...)





That's all I seem to have today.

I've been drained of my alphabetic prose.
I've been struggling along
for 26 days with the crazy ABC song
stuck in my head like a vibrating arrow.

But, I made it.
I posted from A to Z.
And it has been a fun ride.

Albeit, bumpy at times-
and there were a few dark tunnels,
but I kept persevering to the end.

I picked up a lot of things on my journey.
(Other than headaches,
writer's block,
and crumbs in my keyboard, of course)-

I found new friends.
Brilliant, fun bloggers whose wit and wisdom
make my posts look like Mary Poppins at age 8.

I have found my tears again.
My laughter
and my faith.

I have found that sharing feels good.
That my blog doesn't have to be perfect every day.

That it just has to be "Me".

This challenge has reminded me
that I am not here to please the masses.

I am here to calm this
giant voice inside of me.

I am here to tell a story.
...Fragments of life that my children
can carry with them
long after my voice has been silenced.

I am here to be childish...
and grown-up,
humorous and serious,
uptight and let it all hang out!

I would be here
even if none of you were.

That being said, I have come to
love my followers.
(I actually have a few now).
Your comments and kindness
are priceless to me.
And I feel like I've known you all forever.

Just to read your posts every morning
is like breathing new air. learning new lessons-
...trying new food-
...peeping into the windows of another life.

You have made me warm.
Made me stretch.
Made me want to be better-
Both as a person and a writer.

Thank you.

Special thanks to Arlee Bird
for his special vision and unselfish desire
to link us all into a "bloggers bond".
I am anxious for a new challenge
and the opportunity to meet new voices.
Thank you, Lee.

I suppose it is time to zip it up.
To conclude.
To cross that finish line
with a smile on my face.

I'm singing, actually.

That crazy ABC song...
"Now I know my ABC's-
Tell me what you think of me!"

Sorry, but it's time for my nap now.