Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Flashback (F)

I look out on the pond now-
the grass is starting to creep up
around the muddy banks
in tufts of green bouquets.

A gentle breeze blows sweetly,
making silver ripples on the water
that disappear beneath the old dock
which surrendered to the
elements long ago.

I seems like only yesterday that
you were my baby boy-
that I held your hand securely
as we walked around the pond
searching for little frogs
and glistening dragonflies
that fluttered toward the clouds.

Then you grew old enough
to run ahead of me-
Strong enough to bait a hook-
delighting in the snap of fish on the water-
dipping your bamboo pole into the sunlit pond-
hoping for a giant bass
or a slick, gray catfish.
I applauded from my lawn chair-
clapping with praise as your eyes grew wide
and the smile overtook your smooth, pink face
in utter joy.
Then we'd celebrate with soda and chips,
making sure to capture a photo
to show Dad later.

Then the time came
when I merely watched from
the kitchen window-
now seeing a growing boy
whose catch was not announced with a scream,
but with a slight wave toward the house-
and a quick release of writhing scales
back into the water.

Later, I saw reflections of a man-    
as he walked around the pond
in thoughtful meditation-
secretly counting dragonflies
and considering the passing of time.,,

...a young man who has come to know
that life is not just an idyllic pond,
but an immense ocean of continuous wonder.

It is like a dream I watch-
fast forwarding...
savoring its bittersweet memory
like a familiar song.

I smile when my ears
remember your youthful laughter-
when my arms still feel your little boy hug-
and my eyes forever see
that adventurous, generous, and loving son
that I remain proud of...
...that I love immensely
with this old sentimental
heart of mine.

Today the pond overflows
with last nights rain-
bursts with fireworks of green wonder.
I look out the window-
half expecting to see you out there fishing.

But today there are only shadows
that the sun makes.    

And dragonflies that flutter
toward the clouds.