Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Xanadu (X)

Webster defines "Xanadu" as
an idyllic, beautiful place-
an exotic place of great luxury.

Many people think of castles,
faraway sandy beaches
or mansions in the mountains.

I think of my bed.

Yeah, you heard me right.
My bed.

To me, this spot
is the most comfortable place in the house.
It offers warm blankets during the winter,
and cool sheets in the summer.

In my bed, I don't have to worry
if my pajamas don't match,
whether my hair is done,
or if I snore like a donkey.

My bed is my place of refuge.
When I feel stressed, or sad
or out of control,
I go there to lie down
and meditate on
all that is wrong and good
in the world.

There is something solemn
about staring at the ceiling
or curling into a infantile position
under a sweet smelling comforter
that makes reality bearable.

Well, that depends on your definition.
To me-
crisp sheets,
a feather pillow,
a colorful quilt,
and a Serta 2 inch
Memory Foam mattress topper
is the ultimate in luxury.

Luxury is having a bedside table
with Vicks infused tissues,
a fresh glass of water,
and the remote control.

Luxury is
cozy slippers waiting at the foot board,
a flat screen TV on the wall,
room darkening blinds,
and a lock on the door.

My bed is my Xanadu because
it is the place that heals me.
Where I rest when I am weary or sick.
Where I recuperate,
and reanimate.

It is where I snuggle with my husband.
Where we share long talks,
daily squabbles,
giant dreams...
and big love.

It is where my little dog
curls up at my feet.
Where the alarm clock glows
a comforting blue.
Where the smell of fabric softener
and scented candles
permeate the linens.

A bed is where I was born
and probably where I will die.

It is home base.
It is my cocoon.
It is my Xanadu.

Sing it Olivia! "A million lights are dancing... And there you are- A shooting star ... An everlasting world ... And you're here with me - Eternally"...