Saturday, April 17, 2010

You Ought To Have An Ottoman (O)


One of the most misunderstood pieces of furniture in American homes today is the ottoman.

Probably because it has a strange name that conjures up images of exotic sultans or a pudgy looking butler.

Neither hassock or tuffet are any better names for indicating the versatility and usefulness of this quaint living room accessory.

I like to refer to these puffs of comfort as footstools, although they serve utilitarian purposes for every facet of family life.

My footstool might sometimes be used as a butt stool. It is always a light weight and easily available source of seating when unexpected company arrives.

On frequent occasions, my ottoman has been mistaken for a newspaper or magazine rack, suddenly hidden beneath the debris of reading material to the point of virtual obscurity.

Ottomans are ideal places for using serving trays. Their usually flat surface and low stature make a great place to serve coffee and cookies to lazy guests, or a platter of cheesy nachos to the guys on game day.

Some ottomans even have the added bonus of a hinged lid, which makes a perfect hiding place for the TV guide and six remotes -and cleverly helps to lessen the eyesore of various clutter.

Some ottomans have cute stubby legs. Others have gathered skirts or even ruffles.

Some are tall. Some short.

Square, round, rectangular and triangular.

Ottomans run rampant in style and size.

I happen to own one of those ottomans that look like a fat block of heavy upholstery. It never rarely gets vacuumed under.

Of course, there are many things that can be substituted for an ottoman.

A stack of unused encyclopedias, old suitcases, a pile of pillows and the dog.

Outside ottomans can smartly be crafted from log stumps, lawn chairs, discarded tires and picnic coolers.

Just as long as it supports your feet in a comfortable and relaxing way, any object may serve as a makeshift ottoman.

Sofas and love seats and sectionals have all had their day in the sun. Even Lazy-Boys have been the most-wanted craze in the furniture industry for awhile.

Well, I think it’s time to praise the ottoman.

I think it should be on the top of every wish list and shopping agenda.

You will thank yourself later when it’s time to sit back and relax and rest your tired feet.

Nothing says comfort or home quite like this essential piece of furniture.

You really ought to have an ottoman!!