Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Time Out

I've done some soul searching lately.
Looked a bit closer at myself.
Held a mirror up to my day
and I see that it's not quite
up to par.

I'm wasting time.
Running in place.
Continuing on a zigzaggy path
that goes nowhere.

I've decided to take a few days off.
I've got to reset my focus-
do something big...
feel good about myself again...

Maybe it's the winter blues....
the Christmas cookies that
settled in my waistline...
the fact that I struggle everyday
to type something here...
Maybe it's just a pity party-
a side effect of no sunshine-
a temporary insanity
that will fade by tomorrow.

You are the only thing that keeps me writing.
Hopefully you will check back
in a week or two
and see what's happening.

Gonna fill up my coffee,
throw a load of clothes in the washer,
read for awhile,
and then contemplate my goals.

I'll be thinking about you all.
Thanks for stopping by today.