Monday, February 22, 2010


I really do miss all of you
and I wanted to say hello
and keep in touch
so I won't lose you all.

I've been using my time off
to get some things done
around the house
and to just chill out a bit.
Everybody needs that
once in awhile.

Thought I might share a recent project....

A year or so ago,
I started having some problems
with my Kenmore refrigerator.
I bought it brand new in "05.
It cooled fine.
But the area around the
ice maker began to rust.
Crack, even.
It looked disgusting.

Seven phone calls and two emails later
and SEARS would not fix the situation-
(unless I paid them a service call
and they proclaimed it a safety issue.)

Well, I knew it wasn't a safety issue-
just a freakin' eye sore!
So I remedied the problem myself.


White contact paper
with black marker...

It will do until I can afford a new fridge
in about ten years!
My advice?
don't buy an appliance at Sears.

To top it off,
I have a HELLO sign by
my front door
that I fashioned from
dollar store frames and
computer printed letters.

Yesterday, the "O' fell off.

So, this is how company is
greeted now:

Need I say more???