Tuesday, February 23, 2010

St. Pat's or Pancakes?

I finally put away all the
pink and red and rosy
valentine stuff yesterday
and started looking for
the green St. Patty's decor.

Somewhere in my coat closet
there is a glittery shamrock
that has graced my front door
for the past few years.
Kinda tacky,
but, hey-
what other choices to you have
besides a chubby leprechaun?

I like to change my front door decor
as often as I can.
I think it gets boring looking
at the same thing day after day.
That ten year old
Christmas wreath
sure got ugly fast.
I traded it out for a string of bells
and later, a Santa face-
before it drove me crazy.

I can't seem to find
my St. Patrick's Day stuff.
So, with it being
Pancake Day,
I wonder if it's proper etiquette
to hang Mrs. Butterworth
or Aunt Jemima
from my door hook.

Or maybe I could fashion
a pancake wreath
with thick chunks of fake butter,
topped off with
powdered sugar glaze
and a maple sausage bow.

Maybe I could place a giant
blueberry pancake on the door
with a welcome sign drawn
in whipped cream.

And then maybe
I could just search
a little longer for my
glittery shamrock,
go have a Denny's Grand Slam,
and get all this pancake nonsense
out of my system.

Can you tell I'm hungry?