Friday, December 5, 2008

Petro Priorities

I know we are all grateful for the
falling price of gasoline lately.
Especially now when we all seem
to be
out and about-
scurrying around to do
holiday shopping
visiting distant family.

It has made quite a difference
in our household, for sure.

...Just looking back at the past few months.....


"Honey, hurry- get in here! I've sliced my finger!" I yell.

Blood oozes from the wound like a faucet.
My face flushes a ghostly white.

"Do you want to go to the ER?" he asks.

"How many miles is that?" I question.

"We could take the old route and save
1.75 miles", he calculates.

"Or bypass the bridge and go the blacktop."

"Ughh... that only saves us .17 miles."
He waves the calculator in disgust.
"Well, we could pick up some groceries,
pay the water bill, visit the kids,
and see a movie while we're there."

"Nah," I decline, wrapping a tourniquet
around my mangled digit.

"Right..." he agrees, "I'll get the super glue."


"The pantry is practically empty," he says,
taking a quick inventory.

"What can we have? I ask.

"Even the convenience store is
at least three miles away.
I hate to use the last 16th gallon
of gas in the car just to get food."

"Me, too. How old is this chili?" he mumbles,
sticking his head further into the fridge.

"Is it moldy yet?

"Kinda green."

"Maybe we better open a can of
hominy or something..."

"Is that deer sausage from 2001
still in the freezer? We could nuke it
and have it with crackers", he suggests.

"No crackers," I whine, still studying the chili.

"Hominy sounds delicious!"

...But today....


"Wow! Banana splits! They look
great", he says, mouth watering.

I pile up the chocolate sauce
and pineapple chunks,
scoop on the cold whipped cream
and whole fresh strawberries.
And I hand the giant bowl over
to him with a huge smile.

"Ugh...where's the cherry?

My smile wilts.
"You mean that little cherry that goes on top?
We're out."

He pouts...
and I grab the car keys.

It's a good twenty miles to the store and back.

But, hey- who's counting?