Monday, December 1, 2008

A New Beginning

Remember when you were a child how fun it was to pretend?
How all day long you could entertain yourself
by escaping to another world
of your own making?

I decided that today I am going to pretend.

I am going to tell myself that it is not
December 1st,
but instead,
it is January 1st.

Time to take off the ol feed bag
and start grazing in the meadow of salads
and start swimming in baked fish
and hanging out at the Rabbit Deli.

It's the day to pretend
that I didn't gain five pounds last month
and that the kitchen counter isn't
still full of gooey pies.

I read a book once called "Hung By The Tongue".
It explained that you can actually speak things
into existence,
Both good and bad things.
That your attitude can steer you in either
a positive or negative direction.

Looking back at my daily blogs,
I have literally blown myself up
into an obese blimp.
(And I can't help but notice
how cynical I have become.)

It's time to talk myself thin again!
It's time to get out of my rut!

I have been considering taking off
some time for reflection-
To gather myself and renew my spirit.

I seem to have hit a type of writer's block
and each day that I sit down to blog
becomes a struggle.
I have written 108 entries
since July 16th.
Maybe it's burn out.

Or perhaps it is the depressing thought of winter-
the stress of the holidays-
the pressure to please my readers.
All I know is,
I need time away.

The fact that I have to take
my computer in for a checkup
has helped me decide that now
would be the perfect time for a short rest.

Please come back and check on me
next week sometime.

Maybe I will snuggle up into my pretend world
and come up with some cool Blog ideas.
Maybe I will pretend that it's not snow falling,
but cherry blossoms.
That it's not the end of the year winding down-
but a new beginning
firing up
with new and positive passion.