Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Mother's List

Well, here it is-
8 days before Christmas
and my kids are finally asking
for my Christmas list.

Silly of them.
They know I never make one out.
At least not physically.

Everything I think I might want
just swims around in my head.

And then it usually dies
from lack of oxygen,
floats to the top,
and is excreted by some better thoughts.

Really, I am so content with my
material possessions right now.

I don't want clothes
because I'm going to lose weight.
No chocolates, please-
I'd have to finish them off.

I have a TV, a computer,
appliances that cook, keep food cold,
and a reliable coffee maker.

I have warm slippers
and fleece pj's,
a pretty good bed pillow,
and a car that gets me to town.

I have tons of lotions
and half burnt candles
and bottles of perfume.
I have earrings and bracelets
and watches that I never wear.

I really can't imagine
what I would want.

I suppose it sounds corny,
but I just want everybody
to be happy.

Years from now,
I want them to remember this
Christmas fondly.
I want them to recall
the warmth and laughter,
the tree, the food, the fun...

I want them to know
that every day of my life
I pray for God to protect
and to guide them.

I yearn for them all
to grow up and make intelligent decisions,
find true happiness,
be compassionate to others,
and love their lives.

I want them to always know
right from wrong-
to be strong -but not forceful,
to be ambitious- but not consumed by work,
to take care of their bodies and their health-
but not be vain,
for them to remember
the true meaning of Christmas.

That is one wish on my list
that I keep written forever.

One constant that
my heart always hopes.

And that is the greatest gift I can imagine.