Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Christmas Miracle

My husband and I finally got
out of the house this weekend
and took a trip to see my son
and his girlfriend.

I love the visit,
but I hate the trip,
especially this time of year
when the weather is so
and it's uncomfortably cold.

The landscape seemed especially dreary
as it had rained the day before,
leaving muddy holes
and gray puddles all along the roadside.

Sleigh bound Santas seemed pitiful
posed on brown lawns
and dripping rooftops.
And Christmas lights glowed dimly
against the inky clouds.

I guess you could say
I was experiencing a holiday lull.
I was aware that my mood
was Scroogy Screwerton, for sure -
that my attitude was Bah-humbug
(which I blame solely on the fact
that my Christmas spark had never
been fully lit).

I curled up inside the confines
on my thick coat-
slouching wearily-
seat belted in and experiencing a non-eventful tour
of the heartland's empty fields
and dying trees.

I watched the side of the road
with my head resting on the cold
pane of glass-
observing pieces of trash,
piles of leaves,
and the typical roadkill
as it flew past like
a movie in fast forward.

Then- without a warning,
a miracle appeared.

Along the side of the road,
in the middle of nowhere-
there lay
a head of fresh broccoli.

I sat up straight.
My eyes became wide.
I smiled.
Heck, I even laughed.
What was a head of broccoli
doing on the side of the road?
Where did it come from?
Who put it there?

Suddenly, I started to notice
other things.
The gingerbread on old houses,
the rust of crooked fences,
the smoke coming from chimneys,
the wreaths on front doors-
the movement of people going to and fro.
Later, I saw glitter and reindeer
and elves and bows.
I saw the sun start to peep
from behind a cloud.
I heard music,
saw laughter,
watched a dog play in some back yard.
Saw trees lit in picture windows
and stores announcing sales.

And I probably would have still been
feeling down and uninspired
if it hadn't been for the broccoli.

I suddenly had an epiphany.

I know who put the broccoli there.
I know who wanted me to sit up and notice
the wonders of the world around me.
I know who wanted me to smile-
to fill my heart with laughter and good spirits.

God put it there.

They say He works in mysterious ways-
Well, I consider it a miracle-
a sign-
a heads-up.

The spark was finally lit
by a simple head of broccoli
sent from Heaven.

And now
I am truly ready for Christmas.