Monday, December 15, 2008

Checkin' The Mailbox....

It's a wonderful feeling to check
your mailbox this time of year.
Instead of-
(or sometimes, just in addition to)-
all those boring bills and junk mail-
there awaits a
Christmas card.

I don't know about you,
but I just can't wait to peel
open that envelope
and see who liked us enough
to spend money on a card
AND a stamp!

I keep all the cards I receive
and display them somewhere
amid the other festive decor.
I also store them away with my
Christmas ornaments after the holidays.
That way, next year, I get them out
and use them as a guide when
making out my card list.

So, there's a huge possibility
that if you didn't send me one this year
that you won't be getting one from me
next year.
That's just the way I roll.

But, my real reason for bringing up the whole
card deal in the first place
is to call your attention to
what kind of cards you are getting
from those nice folks.

Do you realize that 7 billion
Christmas cards are sold each year?
Does it make you feel guilty
about all those dead trees?

Well, fear not.
For you "green" cronies
there are new alternatives
to the real paper card.

A company named Seltzer
makes a 100 percent recycled
paper greetings.
And they're certified by
the Forest Stewardship Council.
Sounds really official, doesn't it?

Or you could go with Eco-Expressions
because they use recycled paper
with vegetable based inks.
That should score some extra points
with some of you nature nuts.

Another cool product for saving
the environment
is produced by ReProduct.
Each card it sells comes with
a prepaid return envelope.
After you enjoy all the holiday goodie
you can out of that little card-
just send it back to the company
and they recycle it into carpet tiles!

But, my favorites are those companies
that are now making cards
that have flower seeds embedded
into the biodegradable paper.
Come spring, just plant the whole card!
No guilt-
and you're guaranteed a beautiful bloom!

I'm not really into that "green" lifestyle,
but I will start paying more attention
to the kinds of Christmas cards I get.

Personally, I prefer getting Hallmark.

Then, I know without a doubt-
despite the death of thousands of trees
and the danger of environmentally threatening inks-
that you cared enough
to send
the very best.