Monday, December 22, 2008

Just Call Me "Needy"

There is a fine line between
"want" and "need"-
especially this time of year
when commercials and stores
lead us to believe that
we "need" what they are offering.

In truth, we simply "want" those things.

I look around and think that I "need"
new towels, a better skillet,
a fancy rug at the doorway.
I feel the "need" for a new coat,
some top DVD's,
a better cell phone
and- yes,
a cheesecake.

So, it got me to thinking-
What do I really "need"?
If I could only have a handful of things,
what would I choose?

Of course, I am not talking about family or loved ones.
Or the place I live.
Everyone needs shelter and love.
Those are a given.

With much thought, I have listed
the top 10 things that I believe
I truly "need".
My decisions were based on
whether my life or health
or my well-being
would be effected by their loss
or if their absence would
alter my personality or happiness.

1. Caffeine
There is a huge possibility that I am
a coffee addict. I must have it upon
awakening and throughout the morning.
I feel that if my coffee were taken away,
I would curl into a fetal position,
rock myself into numbness
and never be the same again.

2. Pen and paper
To some, this may sound like a joke.
But I do need to write.
It's my therapy.
I gets me through those times when
nothing seems right, feels right,
or goes right.
It is a way to express my joy, also.
Without a way to write,
I would surely be a hollow person.

3. My bath tub
I don't think I could get by the rest
of my life on simply showers.
I need to sink into hot water up
to my chin,
relax, and read a magazine while
floating in bubbles.

4. Washer and Dryer
There is nothing better than a warm towel
scented with fabric softener
or a clean pair of jeans-
fresh socks
and pristine flannel.
I need clean clothes in order to
be happy.
I think you can all relate.

5. Music
I can do without television, but
I do think that I "need" music.
It is medicine for the soul-
it is inspiration-
it is mood altering-
it is sunshine on a cloudy day-
it is brain candy
and heart healthy.

6. Sunshine
I could not survive without sunshine.
Without the feel of it on my face and arms-
without the brightness shining
in my windows and warming my world.
I couldn't live in a cold, cloudy climate.
I definitely "need" sunshine.

7. Books
Although I don't read nearly as much
as I ought to,
a life without books would be barren.
I would have to have a Bible,
magazines, a some great novels
to exercise my mind
and renew my faith.

8. Blankets
I hate being cold.

9. A timepiece
Be it a watch or a clock, I must
have a way to check the time.
I go crazy when I visit someone
who doesn't have a clock displayed
in their home.
And when I am shopping or
doing something in town.
I always check my cell phone for the time.
I know- I have issues.

10. Chocolate
I know what you're thinking.
She just "wants" it.
She doesn't really "need" it.
You're wrong!
Horribly, horribly, wrong...
And if you think you know better-
try writing your own stupid list.

For now, I think I "need"
to start a load of laundry,
put on some Christmas music,
take a hot bath,
curl up with a book and a cup of coffee
under my softest blanket,
write in my journal,
pray for sunshine-
And then, I will glance at the clock and know-
it's definitely time again
for chocolate...