Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Searching For Santa

Since I have Christmas on the brain lately,
I wondered just how many Santa Claus's there are.
Not dress-up ones- but people with the actual name.
I thought it might make an interesting little blog.

I started out by simply typing "Claus"
into the blank where it asks for last name.
Then I tried Kringle.
Then I decided to try everything I could think of
that had to do with Christmas.

You would not believe the names I found on
I swear I looked up all of these individually!
There are actual people with these names.

I believe that 100 results per name
is as many as they will provide,
so some names may very well exceed 100.

What was to be a search for Santa
became a giant blog of Christmas names!
Just look!

According to PeopleFinders.com
here are 12 Chris Kringles,
27 Kris Kringles,
72 Santa Claus's
65 Elf's
6 Rudolph Reindeer's
3 Frosty Snowman's
1 Ebeneezer Scrooge (no lie!)
8 Tiny Tim's
35 Clark Griswold's
75 Bing Crosby's
100 Charlie Brown's
1 Yukon Cornelius
100 George Bailey's
100 Grinch's
over 50 Angel's
and 1 Toymaker.

There are:
100 Mistletoe's
1 Silverbell
2 Sugar Plum's
1 Christmas Tree (Can you imagine?)
100 Cookie's- (2 of which first name is Sugar!)
100 Garland's
34 Tinsel's
4 Ornament's
1 Silverbell
8 Bulb's
100 Light's
12 Pinecones
100 Wreath's, Ribbon's, Bow's, Present's, & Sled's.

100 December's
100 November's
100 Ice's
100 Snow's
49 Glitter's
100 Christmas's
100 Parade's, Holiday's, Macy's, Bargain's & Sale's

65 Debit's
100 Credit's, Check's, Bank's, Dollar's & Bounce's.

There were 10 people with
the last name of Stress
100 each had Crazy, Loco, Poor, & Broke.

I also found:
19 Casserole's
100 Raisin's, Cranberry's, Divinity's & Yam's.
100 Fudge's, Pie's, & Chestnut's.
59 Turkey's (2 with first names of Tom)
12 Smokie's (That surely means there's some
little Smokie's out there somewhere, right?)
3 Drumstick's
25 Pudding's- (and get this- there were 3 first names
of Plum, one was named Chocolate and another Banana!)

2 Greenbean's
33 Candy Canes
53 Stuffing's
5 Fruitcake's (How'd you like to have that name?)
and 100 Ham's.

There were 100 Camel's, Wisemen, Myrth's, & Bethlehem's.
100 Manger's, Virgin's, & Halo's.

And to add to the holiday spirit, there were:
100 Scotch's, Rum's, Tequila's, Gin's, & Tom Collin's.
100 Cider's, Nog's, Wine's, Jim Beam's, and Jack Daniel's.
51 Vodka's
10 Wassail's
10 Whiskey's
and 1 Jagermeister.

Which just logically figures there would also be:
72 Puke's
2 Vomit's
32 Sorry's
46 Regret's
and 5 Hangover's!

But, amid all the silliness
there was:
100 Prayer's
53 Wish's
100 each had the last name
Generous, Kindness, and Giving.
There was 100 Magic's and 100 Hope's.

And, last, but not least
100 Miracle's...