Friday, November 21, 2008

Goin' Shoppin'

My blog entry won't be too long today.
And I am sure it will be boring.

I just don't have time this morning to write
because I'm going shopping.
Not because I want to-
but because I have to!

If I don't get a start on the holidays,
they will be at my door
and I will have nothing bought.
And then the stores will be out of everything,too.

My two daughters and their friend
are going and we have spent the morning
dressing nicely,
putting on makeup and fixing our hair.
There is something quite comforting
about finally putting on shoes
and a bra after weeks living
in jogging pants and hoodie.

We all look quite fashionable and fresh.

I have done this shopping thing before.
The inner witch in me will emerge
before lunch time.
My feet will throb,
my hair will part on the other side,
my jeans will fall to expose my
pink underwear,
and my arms will ache with baggage.

Before the day is out,
we will all look like withered souls.

Come back tomorrow
and I'll tell you all about it!