Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sister Weekend Sabbatical

Fifteen years ago, my four sisters and I decided it was time
to celebrate our sisterhood.
Work, children, and other obligations had
slowly widened the gap between us
and the years had made us practically strangers.

Without realizing that we were creating a new tradition,
we planned a Sister Weekend.
And for fifteen years now -we've celebrated.

Because we all love yard sales -
we have made that the number one priority of our weekend.
We always plan a day of scanning the nearby towns
and country roads for garage sales and flea markets.
We have such a great time talking and laughing
and getting our exercise!
Even now, when I look at certain objects in my house,
I remember the Sister Weekend that I found it
and had to have it.

We made up a game called "What Were They Thinking?"
The idea is to find something at the yard sales
that makes you wonder why on earth anybody would
buy such a thing-have such a thing
or keep such a thing!

We hide our "game loot" and at the end of the day,
we reveal our discoveries to one another.
All the time oohing and ahhhing and
"What Were They Thinking?!"

Our second priority is food,
so of course we incorporate that into our weekends also.
A nice sit down meal with drinks and appetizers
is always welcome after our full day of yard sale jaunts.

Then it's back to a comfortable motel room
where we'll strip down to our pajamas,
break out the snacks, and share our stories.
We play board games and watch movies
and pass around pictures.
We laugh so hard it hurts
and we cry so hard it's funny.

Through these weekends, we we've grown closer.
The gap has grown thinner.
The memories thicker.

We have become the best of friends.

Our Sister Weekends have become our lifeline
to one another-
a family tie that that has knotted
into a lasting bond of love.

Our sister Barb passed away a few years ago.
But, she is still with us.
She'll be here again for this Sister Weekend.
And so is our Mom.

They guide us to the best yard sales with their wings,
cackle with us as we roar with laughter,
and they cry silent tears right along with us.
Their presence is felt, heard -
and always expected.

So, I may not be writing for a few days.
Sister Weekend starts Thursday morning
and we are all looking forward to it.
We are hitting Route 61
and 61 crazy, beautiful, treasure-packed miles
of yard sales!

Sixty-one miles
of sisterly love-

And two angels in tow...