Sunday, May 30, 2010


It's midnight.

That means today is my birthday.

Everyone else in the house is asleep.
But I am awake...
wondering what this new chapter in my life
will bring.

I have no candles or cake right now,
but here are my wishes:

I wish to lose weight, be healthier,
have more energy.

I wish to pursue my art hobbies further.

I wish to prioritize my time better.

I wish to write a book.

I wish to get closer to God.

I wish to get a good hairstyle, a great purse,
and a real tan.

I wish to learn to listen more and talk less.

I wish to get my closets cleaned, my drawers organized,
and my laundry put away.

I wish to listen to more music or read books-
and watch less TV.

It's strange.
And sad.
Today I turn 54.
But inside I still feel 19.


I may not be posting regularly for a few weeks.
My husband has some time off and
we will be spending it doing gardening and
yard work and household fix me ups.

We also bought back our cabin in the woods
of Missouri that we sold ten years ago.
So we will be spending a few days there.
I'm excited to get it cleaned and decorated...
And sit on the screened-in porch
and watch the world go by...
real slow.

I have a blessed life.
And I thank God for another wonderful birthday.

Keep in touch.
I'll be back regularly real soon.