Friday, May 14, 2010

The Simplicity of Sea Monkeys

While watching my grandson
play Wii the other day,
I began to wonder how different
our lives would have been
if we would have had high tech toys.

I'm sure simple games like Tag,
and Red Rover
would have been ignored.
Hide and Seek,paper dolls
and cowboys
may never have survived.

I think it was simplistic adventures
that kept siblings united back then-
inexpensive, on-the-go entertainment
that helped secure the bond
between families
and stretched the limits of
childhood imagination.

If we would have had X Box's
and iPod's and Blu Ray players
years ago,
would we ever have discovered
the thrill of raising our very
Sea Monkeys?

You heard me.

Instant Life Sea-Monkey Eggs
Instant Life contains the mysterious ingredients that (when combined with Packet 1, Water Purifier) hatches Instant LIVE baby Sea-Monkeys.

Sea Monkeys.

What some ads describe as
"dream pets",
and what their very own website
claims as "true miracles of nature".

Well, it's hard to grasp that one.
Especially since Sea Monkey eggs
are the size of this ( . ).

If you don't get bored with watching
a seemingly empty tank of water,
the monkeys may possibly grow
to 1/2 -3/4 inch long.

And due to breakthroughs
in Sea Monkey research,
these water pets can live
up to two years.

"Sea-Monkeys®" is actually a trademark name
owned by Transcience Corp.
and they boast about being the true pioneers of this
"most exquisitely sophisticated 'aquaculture technology'”.

We had some Sea Monkeys once.
For a day or two, probably.

I think we stayed glued to
the bowl of water for hours,
thinking some type of chimpanzee
would suddenly appear -
gasping for air
and be ready to play with us.

Every comic book in the world
advertised the amazing Sea Monkeys
back in the 60's and early 70's.
They were a real treat
-and an old fashioned alternative to
today's video games.

Sea Monkeys are actually a type of shrimp.
They coat their eggs with a substance
known as trehalose, which preserves them
and protects them from extreme temperatures
and lack of water.

Once you buy a packet of eggs
and expose them to water-
they hatch.
And even breed.

(Or as the Transcience Corp. says.
"they'll start to reproduce and have more adorable babies." )

Ugh. Yeah.
How would you know if
your Sea Monkeys were adorable
or as ugly as sin?
You need a microscope to even tell
if they've survived the trip from the kitchen table
to the window sill.

But while you are dusting off the microscope
or giant magnifying glass,
look for the monkeys with a third eye.

(Yeah- could they possibly get any freakier?)

They are all born with three eyes,
but as they approach adulthood,
they lose that extra eye.

Other fascinating facts:
They have no brains. (Duh.)
Their kidneys are located in their head.
They breathe through their legs.
They actually have a heart that pumps blood.
They molt and grow new skin shells.

AND...You can buy them treats!



Sea-Monkeys Banana Treat While it's true that "monkeys" like bananas, Sea-Monkeys are no exception. So here's a TREAT for your favorite pets and a wonderful way to REWARD them for the FUN they give you! A long-lasting supply of tasty "dessert" for your aquatic pets that provides health-giving vitamins, minerals and LOVE

If anyone out there ever had
Sea Monkey's that grew to maturation,
please let me know.
I'm seriously wondering how
they even stay in business.

But, you never know...
Maybe buying a pack of Sea Monkey eggs
for the grand kids might be very rewarding.
To stare at an old gold fish bowl
till our eyes cross and my hair turns gray...

On second thought-
hand me that controller and let's
play Mario Kart!