Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yay For Donut Day!

Friday and Saturday is
the official celebration of
Donut Day.

I don't know about you,
but I'm ready to celebrate
starting at midnight Thursday
to midnight on Saturday.

You just can't get too many donuts.

But how did they become so popular?

Some sources say that back in the 1800's,
Dutch cooks twisted their sweet dough
into knots before frying.

Sometimes the center of the pastry
wouldn't cook thoroughly,
so many bakeries would add
a ball of nuts to the center of the treat
so that it would cook and taste better.

Thus, the name eventually
became "doughnuts."

But what about the hole?

History says that the hole
in the center resulted from
customers poking out the
uncooked portion in the middle
of their donuts.

And soon the hole became a way
to hold the donut
while dunking them into coffee.

In the U.S. alone,
more than 10 billion donuts
are made every year.

But before you rush out
and eat them by the dozen-
let's see what the
nutritional value of those
sweet little circles are.

Here's a patial list
of stats from Dunkin Donuts:

Apple filled donut, each 250

Cake donut, each 270

Chocolate croissant, each 440

Chocolate frosted donut, each 200

Croissant, each 310

Donut, Bavarian creme-filled, each

Glazed donut, each 200

Glazed French cruller, each

Jelly donut, each 220

Oat bran muffin, each 330

Now, one would assume that the
oat bran muffin would be the
healthiest, but look at the calories.

Personally, I prefer jelly donuts
and have been known-
(in the past of course)-

to consume four or more
in one sitting.

But no matter how you celebrate,
enjoy a piece of baking history

Yay for Donut Day!