Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Procrastinator's Work Is Never Done

I am in the process of cleaning house
because I have company coming
for the weekend.

Now- most normal people
just get by with their
regular routines-
But me?
Well, being a procrastinator
leaves me rushing around
to get a bunch of stuff
done at once.

I've been known to cheat
when it comes to housework.

I've hidden dirty dishes in
the oven.
Thrown clean laundry in the
closet floor to get it off the bed.
Hot glued torn curtains.
Used a leaf blower to dust my living room.
And a vacuum cleaner to suck out
the leftovers in my refrigerator.

It's not that I don't like housework.
It's just that I don't like it very often.

I'm usually writing at the computer
or messing with my art projects
while fruit flies form an army in my kitchen
and dust bunnies
play amazing cloning games in the corners.

I've even seen
three generations of spiders
come and go
in the web above the porch light.

as you might guess-
I'm in a panic to get it all done.

I will probably get in gear
sometime this morning
and zip around like the Tasmanian Devil-
and then collapse on my (clean) pillow
sometime around midnight-
feeling like a damp washrag.

But, what a huge sense of accomplishment
it is to finally have those
chores complete!

I won't have to use the
jack hammer on my microwave
turntable for awhile.

I'll find out the real color of my tub
is white and not beige.

The dog can finally drink
out of the toilet again.

And that pesky bat family
will have to find another
garage to live in.

I can sit back
and watch it all get messy again.