Friday, June 5, 2009

Practically Pioneer

I ran across an article this morning
that introduced the new
Samsung Smart Oven.

And it's no ordinary oven.

It's state of the art design
incorporates a convection,
grill and a microwave-
all in one.

The interior enamel is
anti-bacterial and can be
easily cleaned with steam.
Just insert a bowl of water,
bring to a high temperature,
and then wipe everything
with a soft cloth.

No more nasty, fake
lemon-smelling, chemical-scraping
foaming oven cleaner!

But the best part is that this
modern oven does all the work for you.
Simply scan the barcode
on packaged food,
insert food into the oven,
press start,
and the food cooks perfectly.

Stoves have sure come
a long way since I was
first married.

The little farm house that we rented
had a sufficient enough stove-
until the landlady decided
she wanted to take it to another
rental property.

Money being tight-
we sure couldn't just go out
and buy a new stove.

Luck is,
we found one.

Right under our feet,
so to speak.
In the creepy basement.

it was neither sleek or modern
or very practical.

And not even electrical.

After being cleaned and polished,
this giant wood burning stove
was a beauty,
but ended up being our entire source
for cooking.

My husband kept small wood
cut for the fire box,
I "blacked" the burners every so often,
and it provided emergency heat
during a three day ice storm.

Our favorite thing cooked
on our stove was rabbit.
Freshly killed from the field,
rolled in flour and egg.
and fried to a crispy crust.

Breakfast was always good, too.
There was something magical
about the fragrance of burning wood,
and maple bacon,
and fresh eggs from the hen house.

But I can't mention our old stove
without admitting that I once
tried to find the oven light so
I could replace it.


It was a wood burner.
Non electric.
No oven light.
(I have never lived that one down...)

We grew to love that old stove-
and would still happily find room in our
current home for it,
but that mean old landlady
decided she wanted it for herself
and carted it off when we moved.

Sometimes when I smell
wood burning
and food cooking-
it takes me back to simpler times.

To the old wood stove...
and days of wonder.