Friday, June 12, 2009

Groovin' ...On A Friday Afternoon

Call me crazy.
A weirdo.
But I like parties.

I like to throw them.

I like to pick a theme and
run with it-
seeing how far I can
make a dollar stretch-
or how cool I can decorate
my flamingos.
And my scarecrow.

My first Disco party debuts
tomorrow night.
I'm not quite sure how this
theme will work out,
but I wanted something different.

Last year was a Luau
and the year before was
a White Trash Bash.
(That was the funnest!)

I just can't seem to get
anybody interested in dressing
in Disco attire-
they've all gone "hippie" on me,
I think!
But, regardless-
we will all have a good time
and I hope to post pictures
here on Monday.

I have so much to do today
that I'm writing a short post.

Gotta run errands.
Set up tables.
Mow the lawn.
Practice the Hustle-
and get my GROOVE on!

Can ya Dig It?