Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just Let It Go

Today is officially
"Let It Go Day".
So, as a friend and adviser,
I am here to tell you just that-
let it go.

Unwind. Breathe.
Cast your cares aside.

Got a grudge that you've
been carrying around like
a two ton weight on your
heart and shoulders?
Well, who's suffering the most?
You are!
Chances are, the person
that the grudge is aimed at,
possibly has no idea the pain you're in.

Stop right now.
Let it go.

You don't have to forgive-
or ever even speak to the person again-
but just let it go.
Forget it.
You're wasting time
and time's too short.

Kicking yourself for not
grabbing that great opportunity, or sale,
or chance that came by?
Let it go.
There will always be
another one that comes along.
Sometimes, it's
even better that the one
that got away!
Trust me, I know.

Stressed about keeping up
with the neighbors?
Does your landscaping look pitiful?
You car look like a scrap heap?
Your kids look like little ragamuffins
compared to next door's preppy offspring?

Let it go.
Who cares?
When it all comes down to the
important things in life-
it is family and those you love.
Not your lawn, or what your drive,
or how you dress.
Be you.
Free yourself from the need
to be competitive.

Your diet making you sick,
aching, starving for food?
Let it go.

Smother those fries with cheese
and bacon-
just for today.
Just for Let It Go Day.
Grab a slice of cheesecake
with your lunch.
Loosen your belt.
Cut off the tummy tamer
and let it all hang out.

Just let it go.

Imagine how relaxed and
comfortable your life would be
if you just learned to let it go
on a daily basis.

My favorite thought for
today's blog
is a Deep Thought by
Jack Handy.

"If you drop your keys
in a pool of molten lava,

just let 'em go-

cuz, man-

they're gone."

What's done is done.
What's said is said.
What's past is past.

Let it go.