Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rest Room? Or Reading Room?

I'm excited to report that June is
National Bathroom Reading Month.

And for those of you who don't have
a magazine rack in your bathroom-
I've got to wonder what you do in there.

I have magazines for everybody
in my bathroom.
Not only does it make the time go
by faster and more comfortably,
but it enriches the mind
while eliminating waste.

I try to provide education
as well as entertainment.
That's why you might find
a Reader's Digest
right along with
The Far Side comics.

I cater to men and women alike-
filling the basket with BuckMasters,
the Farmers Almanac,
and Field and Stream.

As well as House Beautiful, Avon,
Cooking Light, and Good Housekeeping.

The only book I have read so far this year
was read a few pages at a time
while on my daily bathroom visit.

If we could only take a partial college course
while in there-
I'd have a doctorate by now!

Of course, there are always those bathroom readers
that take advantage of the situation
by spending an hour or more
thumbing through the available literature.

Some are even oblivious to the line
waiting outside the door
or a warm dinner on the table.

I don't recommend any publications
of extraordinary interest or length.
Because some people just don't know
when it's time for a wipe.

About every three or four months,
I refresh my magazine selection-
so my family knows by now
that if they want to finish a chapter,
they better get to reading.

Once- when my entire household
had a terrible bout of diarrhea-
we all finished reading War and Peace.

And also finished off
a case of Spring Rain Glade!

So, folks-
Celebrate this month
with a good read...
in your elimination station!