Monday, June 8, 2009


If I Had My Life To Live Over:

I would have learned to play the piano.

I would have had more children.

I would have spent more time with my parents.

I would have stayed away from fattening foods
and exercised more.

I would have loved my body while it was thin-
and young.

I would have learned to swim, ski, and
play a mean game of poker.

I would have taken less showers and
more bubble baths.

I would have read more books and
watched less TV.

I would have let the housework go
so I could play with my children.

I would let the housework go
so I could play with my husband.

I would sing more, dance more, and
not care what other people thought.

I would paint more pictures and not
worry about how much paint I was using.

I would plant lilacs in my yard.

I would study math better, take more interest
in politics, and try to enjoy history.

I would have asked my parents and
grandparents more questions.

I would keep a yearly diary.

I would take more photos, more vacations,
and more walks.

I would learn to cook delicious meals.

I would spend more adult time with my sisters
and brothers.

I would enjoy chocolate without guilt.

I would take more chances and make
smarter choices.

I would be organized, have my checkbook
balanced to the penny, and have running
inventory of my household.

I would pray more, cry less, laugh longer.

I would find a good hairstylist and never let them go.

I would have moisturized more, bleached less,
stood straighter, and flossed religiously.

I would have saved more money.

I would hug more.

I would kiss more.

I would listen better.

I would write more often
and not worry that someone may not
like it.

I would breathe deeper, touch softer,
and observe better.