Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Treasures, Trash, Panti-Liners, and Pedicures

Good Morning!
It's so good to be back!
(I hope you like the new look-
I get so bored with the same backgrounds!)

Well, you would think with all these days off
I would really be writing a clever blog today-
but, no.
Actually, my "working brain" was completely
out of commission for two weeks
and only my "playing brain" reigned supreme!
But I had fun.

Sister Weekend 2009
was a mixture of emotions-
teetering on disgust and weariness-
all the way to complete elation and relaxation.

First off, let me warn everybody out there
that has to stay overnight in Kennett, Mo.-
Don't lodge at the Super 8.
Taking my freedom of speech into effect-
I can honestly say the place was just downright filthy.

Luckily, the beds seemed fresh,
so we made the best of it.
However, I did compare the pillows
to sleeping on a Kotex pad-
thin and small and definitely uncomfortable.
Sister Linda said hers was more like a panty liner!
(So, see folks- this is where we mix
the laughter with the disgust
and enjoy ourselves no matter what happens!)

Our much anticipated 100 Mile Yard Sale trek
ended up being 80 miles
of dusty flea market "crap"
and 20 miles of hit and miss good stuff
that no one else in their right mind wanted.

My personal treasures consisted of:
A black rotary telephone,
some glow in the dark -bug embedded key chains,
four pairs of shoes,
a stop-light type flashing party light,
a giant primitive snowman,
some golf gear for my son,
a couple of nice hoodies,
an 8-track tape carousel -complete with tapes
(for my upcoming disco party),
some bath rugs,
and other odds and ends that I can't recall.

And like sister Linda said-
"just a bunch of crap".

(Insert laughter here).

But, it wasn't the treasures we found at the sales
that was the goal of the weekend-
but the company that we shared.

Jewel and Tina had never seen so many
lightning bugs at once since we lived
on County Farm Road.
Staying Friday night at Linda's house-
we enjoyed a good old-fashioned sit
on the porch in her rockers
and watched the
fireflies light up the night sky.
The entire scene was perfect....
(except for Linda's outfit)-
which I can't begin to describe here.

(More laughter).

We all did pedicures on ourselves
which was extremely needed-
filling up a PedEgg with enough
skin flakes to form a small baby.

We all gained a few pounds
and a great appreciation for
our beautiful state of Illinois.

And we learned a valuable lesson.

Just because the yard sale is 100
miles long- that doesn't mean it's
100 miles good.

Next year we will definitely move on
to another area if we decide
to do the yard sale stuff.

Plus, we'll take on own pillows-

AND buy Linda some
new pajamas!


See you all tomorrow.