Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Time Keeps On Slippin'

While cleaning house yesterday,
it suddenly occurred to me
that I have a hang-up about clocks.

I have five clocks in my kitchen alone.
I counted.

One on the stove,
the microwave,
the coffee maker,
and two other clocks
on opposite walls.

I had never really thought about it,
but I really felt as though
the guys in the white coats
might be coming to fit me
for a jacket.

Especially after I counted
three clocks in the family room.
And two clocks in the bedroom.
Two in my bathroom,
and one in the living room
and even one in the laundry room.
And then there's one over the computer,
on the computer,
and one hanging in the hallway.

There's even one blinking
on the VCR in the front room.

I have one in the garage.
And one in the barn.

I have one in the car-
and the truck!
And one on my cell phone!

When I visit my kids,
they all have a simple kitchen clock-
always hung somewhere in the clouds-
above the sink-
and it drives me crazy!

If I want to know what time it is-
I don't want to have to go searching
for a clock.
I want one (or two) within sight...

I guess just so I'll know
that time is still ticking for me.

I guess they are a reminder
that days are short
so have fun...
Time is fleeting
so make good memories.

My clocks are all around me
just to warn me that that
the years fly by-

so suck out the goodie!