Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Mother's Day, Mom

As you all know,
Sunday is Mother's Day.

And for all of you who are out there
dreading the weekend of
Mom's pot roast again,
hate the trouble of picking out a card,
and cringe at the expense of buying a gift-
Shame on you!

I would give anything in the world
to have to buy a Mother's Day card.

My mom died in 1988
and all these years I've been
passing up the Mother's Day cards
with a lump in my throat.

But I still celebrate my mother.
I celebrate her life-
her lessons-
and her love.

Mom was never selfish,
vain, competitive,
or needy.
She made the best with what she had,
kept a smile on her face,
and steered all of us kids
in the right direction.

I laugh now at some things she did.

She had a Hot-Line to Hollywood-
always sharing with us bits
of information from soap operas
and gossip TV-
just to keep us in the know.

She loved yard sales
and was always the first one out of the car-
rambling through garages
and rummage to get the best deals.

But if you admired a junkyard treasure
that she searched high and low for-
stood in line twenty minutes to pay for-
and found a special place on a shelf for-
she would give it to you in a second!

That's just how Mom was.

I remember her Calvin Klein jeans
and Polo shirts,
her fuzzy slippers
and navy blue jacket...
Her love of dolls
and little trinkets
and small kitchen appliances...
Her being buried with her
Pearl Pitiful Pearl Doll...

But after all these years,
I can't remember her voice,
her smell,
her touch,
her face.
Things fade with time.

But never the loss.

Never the love that she gave.

I know she's watching.
And waiting.

I love you, Mom.
I still need you everyday of my life.

Steer me with your wings.