Monday, May 11, 2009

Taking A Short Break

Since I am having a case of
writer's block lately,
I've decided that's this is
as good a time as any to take a
break from blogging.

The yard needs attention-
as do my closets
and drawers-
and these darn dust bunnies
are hopping out of control.

When I start writing each morning-
I always seem to get drawn
into this giant computer world
and nothing outside this
desk gets done.

Hopefully I'll be back on May 25th.
That gives me plenty of time
to refresh this week-
and the following week is
my real go-away-from-home
vacation with my three sisters.
I am so excited about that!
I'm sure that road trip will
make for some good blogs!

I love you all-
for visiting me everyday.

You help keep me sane
and laughing through the rain.

Please come back
and see me soon.