Monday, January 5, 2009

I Have A Dream

This new year has given me a dream.
A dream of opening my junk drawer
and not seeing junk.
But instead- seeing beautiful little compartments
of organized wonder.

A cup of paper clips, a basket of batteries,
a tube of freshly sharpened pencils,
a bowl of safety pins, a sleeve of cutely bound coupons.

And my computer desk is even more wondrous!
Colorful files of cataloged bills, neat boxes of
printer paper, a woven crate of CD's,
a modern cork board of tasteful pictures,
neat clippings, and inspiring quotes.

And you should see my bedroom!
The dresser that was once decorated with
discarded bathrobes and wilted socks
is now shiny and clear- holding only a mirrored tray
with favorite perfumes...
The my night stand houses only the phone,
the alarm and a sophisticated journal with pen.

My closets are color coded and roomy.
There are no old tennis shoes with grass stains.
No coats with shoulder pads,
no thread bare sheet sets or holey tee shirts.
There are hat boxes hiding trinkets and
seasonal items-
Space Bags sucking the summer comforter and
the spring curtains-
And all my drawers are easily opened and closed.
No pushing and stuffing the contents.

I love my kitchen.
There is no excess of anything.
Only simplicity.
Only the things I need.
I know where the strainer and the pizza cutter
and the aluminum foil is.
Cans don't fall on my head as I open
the cupboards.
My trash can does not smell like old onions
and the floors are Spic and Span.

Everything is organized.
Neat. Ready like good soldiers to start the new year.
I can sit among it
and read a good book.
There is nothing to do but enjoy and be proud...

Oh, great! I just woke up!
And it was such a wonderful dream!

Yet, my resolution is to make dreams come true.
I'll let you know how it's coming along.

Know of any good sales on Space Bags?