Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Spring Fever

I gaze out the window this morning
and wonder how I've made it
this far into the new year
without going crazy.

They say that winter
makes some people sorta blue.

Well, I'm practically purple!

I just don't play well with boots,
heavy coats, snow shovels,
and de-icer.
I am not one to build snow men,
ski the slopes,
or take a refreshing winter walk.

I prefer not to have to
curl up into a sweater ball
and watch TV beneath
two down comforters
and an Old Navy throw.

I admit I get sorta mean-spirited
when the temperature starts falling.
Grouchy even.

And I know my husband is
tired of seeing me walk around
in thick hoodies, bulging fleece pants,
ugly elf booties-
and a face mask.

He says it's unattractive.

I am getting nostalgic about summer.
I saw some photos the other day
of our backyard-
the grass stretched out all
green and glorious-
the trees were full and fabulous...
the pond snapped with little fish...
the birds were alive and singing...

How can anyone not cry over that?

I will gladly trade my snow shovel
for a lawnmower any day.
I would rather be on my hands and knees
working the earth of a spring garden
than watching out a frosty window
as the world goes by.

I realize we have had our mildest
winter so far.
That is a scary thought.
One that sends me tail spinning
beneath the blankets for the day.

Oh, don't worry.
I'll survive.
I always do.

Just don't come skipping to my door
looking all pretty
in your sweet pea coat,
your striped cashmere scarf,
your stylish snow boots,
a great looking wool hat-
and a smile.

I'll knock that smile
right off of ya.