Monday, January 19, 2009

The Happiness Hunt

As you all know, today is
Martin Luther King's birthday.
But what you probably don't know
is that
it is also the first day
of the seven day celebration
called Hunt For Happiness Week.

This awareness date is sponsored
by the Secret Society of Happy People
and is celebrated the third week of January.

This secret society encourages all people
to express their happiness
and -to date- there are over 7,000 members
in 34 countries that have joined
this jolly group.

For $10, you, too,
can become a smiling face.
You get a SOHP lapel pin,
society membership wallet card,
ten SOHP "pass it on" cards,
and three "Happiness happens"
5x7 note cards.

Sounds great.

But if hunting for happiness
is such a wonderful endeavor-
then why is the society secret?

Another problem I have
is with the "hunt" part.
Shouldn't happiness be
unpredictable, instantaneous
and unbridled?
Doesn't happiness come like love-
when you least expect it-
or after years of tribulation?

Where would I start hunting?

My wallet?

My fridge?
I'm dieting.

The mirror?
I'm 52.

All reruns.

I'm too old for clowns, monkey bars
or square dances.
I hate game-night Monopoly.
I'm too messy with finger paints.
Singing scares my dog-
and I can never hit the party pinata.

What else is there?

▪ University of California at Riverside has discovered that the road toward a more satisfying and meaningful life involves a recipe repeated in schools, churches and synagogues.
Make lists of things for which you’re grateful in your life,
practice random acts of kindness,
forgive your enemies,
notice life’s small pleasures,
take care of your health,
practice positive thinking,
and invest time and energy into friendships and family.

Hey- I can do that!
I think everybody can do that!
There is really no hunting involved after all.

When happiness knocks,
all we have to do is
open the door
give it a bear hug,
and never, ever let it go.