Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just Say It

The beginning of a new year always seems
to stir up our dreams-
make us aware of the things we never did
and hope to someday do-

...(or the things we did do
and hope to never do again).

Along with resolutions, there are
always regrets.
Of days that passed us by-
opportunities not taken-
choices that were less than wise.

One thing I have never regretted
is that I have always let the people I love
know that I love them.
I tell all my children daily-
my husband-
my sisters...
There is no reason on earth to wait-
to put off words that should come so easily.
Regrets are only made when we wait too late
to voice our feelings.

I always told my mom that I loved her.
And when she passed away those long years ago,
I had peace knowing that she knew-
knowing that no one could ever take that
comfort away from me.
If she had died without me saying how I felt,
then I know regrets would have haunted me forever.

There are some regrets, though.
Things I wish I would have asked my mother.
Past history, her dreams and wishes,
vivid pictures of her childhood,
falling in love with Dad,
and secrets of her heart.

She took all that with her.

That's why I try to keep the secrets of my heart
in a little journal- tucked away in a drawer-
knowing that when the time comes
my family will find it-
that they will have answers to their questions-
and they will be at peace.

And they will have no regrets
about having never asked.

Life is short.
Too short.
Getting shorter.
If you love someone and are
not sure that they know it-
Tell them.
Let this be the year of No Regrets.
Of sharing- of opening up communication
and compassion-
of taking the opportunity to enrich your life
and embracing it wisely.

Love is such a little word.
But its effects are enormous.

Never be afraid to say it out loud.