Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Fashion Faux Pas

I'm getting to be the age when fashion no longer matters. I don't need a shirt that makes a statement or a dress that makes an entrance.
I don't need the coolest, the hottest, the latest or the brightest. All I need - and all I want- is "comfort"!
Bless the designer that brought us sweat suits. Think about it- they are like a versatile, universal uniform. anyone from infants to the elderly can wear them. It's the absolute;y perfect outfit for a large dinner party, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. especially if you plan to over-indulge. No need to loosen a belt or pop a few buttons. It's a self-adjusting, stretchable outfit. What a miracle!
Forget high heels, too. My personal choice of footwear are slip-on shoes. They do away with buckles, laces, snaps, and even Velcro. No bending, reaching or pressing. You can remain in an upright position with no grunting or heavy breathing- just slide them right on before leaving the house!
Hair is another comfort factor. If it has to be pinned, sprayed, ironed, or jelled - forget it! If it has to be dipped or dyed or dolled with - I'd rather not! I pray every day for hair that dries, styles and cleans itself. But until that day comes, a pony tail holder is a gals best friend.
Actually, I think I may finally have this fashion thing under control. My comfort zone has succeeded in taking over.
I ran into the grocery store the other day. Of course my hair was in it's self-stying mode. I had on my stretchable sweats and my favorite slip-on shoes.
Two old friends passed me in the produce section and we spoke for a moment. They had on designer jeans, tiny T-shirts with cool words, and shoes that begged to be shot. Their hair was perfect, their nails manicured, and had purses big enough to carry a small child.
As I walked away, I overheard them whispering. "She has got to be the most comfortable woman in the world!" they exclaimed.
I just flipped my ponytail, popped the waistband of my jogging pants, and smiled to myself.
That was the best compliment I've ever had!