Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Goodbye Noxema...

This morning I read where Proctor and Gamble has announced the decline in sales of Noxema. They attribute this to the popular new choices of facial cleansers, acne remedies, and cosmetic miracles. Noxema has the reputation of being "old people" cleanser. Teens rush out to buy Proactive, Neutrogena, and Oxy 10 - mostly because of the contemporary media and commercial hype.

I like Noxema. There is something nostalgic about that menthol smell, the slight tingle of the skin, the freshness of a just washed face. I've still got a big, blue bottle in the bathroom cabinet someplace that I bought years ago.

Yeah, I hate to see a good product go defunct, but they seem to be making a public mourning out of it. Face it, (no pun intended)- there are a lot of great products that slipped out of popularity without a drum roll or front page alert.

I mean, what happened to handkerchiefs, aprons, clothespins, leg warmers, shoulder pads, wind-up watches and Toni home perms?

What became of spongy hair rollers, Dippity Doo, Alberto VO5, doilies, paint by number, model car kits and paper dolls?

Where are television rabbit ears, manual typewriters, girdles and view masters?

The positive thing is that some old brands are not gone forever. The Vermont Country Store has attempted to offer some products from the past. Just visiting their web site brings back memories and smells and tastes of childhood.

Remember Lemon Up shampoo? Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific! And that nasty dry shampoo that sprays in with no water needed- Psssst. (What were they thinking?)

As far as food and candy goes, there is Teaberry and Black Jack Gum, Fizzies, Chuckles, Chicklets, and Bosco.

With the choices in perfumes now days, it's easy to forget when our selections were limited to: Heaven Scent, Sweet Earth, Tigress, Prince Matchabelli, Ambush, and Love's Baby Soft.

Excuse me one moment, please....

Sorry. Just writing this has put a nostalgic lump in my throat and my heart beat a little quicker.

So right now I'm lathering my face with Noxema. (The jar expired in '77).

I'm digging out my old brush hair rollers. (Complete with pink picks and bobby pins)...

I've found my leg warmers. (What great stripes!)...

Oh, my stretched-out girdle! (Where did that come from?)

And here's some shoulder pads. (Hey, you never know when they might make a comeback!)...

I'm lookin' good, people!

Oh, wait! Here are my Dr. Scholl's Exercise Sandals!

Well, to heck with the treadmill now!