Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Resistance Is Futile

Thursday is National Chocolate Day.

And I wouldn't be very patriotic
if I didn't do my part to celebrate.
So, I'm preparing for it.

I read once where consuming too much chocolate
in a short period of time,
can cause minor health problems.

Well, I value my health.

That's why I'm not taking any chances.

I can't afford to go into sugar shock
or develop a case of chocolitis.

I figure if I start eating small doses now,
I will be physically fit enough
to scarf down inhale  nibble mass quantities
come Thursday.

I haven't had any really good chocolate since Easter.
And once those Cadbury Eggs have been sucked down,
there are no special holidays during the summer
that merit eating chocolate with wild abandon.

I suppose if you think about it,
National Chocolate Day sets the precedence
for the rest of the year.
Beginning on Halloween, life is just one big chunk of chocolate.

Or at least in my house.

Every year I do my best to buy a rich assortment
of snack size chocolate bars for my trick or treaters.
I usually tell my husband that I expect a big crowd -
so I better buy two bags.

(We NEVER get trick-or-treaters at my house.)

Yet, apparently we have ghosts-
because within a few days,
the candy bowls are completely empty.

But who you gonna call?

Then after Halloween, eating chocolate becomes
an everyday occurrence.
Commercials and magazine ads and store displays
constantly push the cocoa-infused delights upon us-
with no concern for our lack of resistance.

Chocolate pumpkin pie, chocolate-chip cookies,
hot chocolate with chocolate sprinkles,
chocolate brownie bars, chocolate fudge....
The list goes on...

All the way through Thanksgiving
and Christmas
and New Year's.

With barely a breath before Valentines Day.

you know how it is.
Unless you're firm and fit -(and no doubt anorexic).

But, if you're only human,
it's time to celebrate National Chocolate Day-
even if it's a bit early.

I have a very fitting sign on my kitchen wall,
which I consider my patriotic motto:


And I guess -
that says it all.