Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just Call Me Old Fashioned

I overheard a couple of young girls
talking in the checkout line
at Shop and Save yesterday.

They were discussing where they were
going to get their Halloween costumes.

I just wanted to turn around and say-
"How about your closet?"

But- for one- that only shows my age.
And, two-I just don't think they'd get it.

All the Halloween costumes I ever had
came mostly from my closet-
except for maybe a dime store mask
or a cheap dollar prop.

And back then, closets were no way
as full of odd, colorful, and scary things
as they are today.

We worked with what we had.
Sweatshirts and jeans and robes and pillows
and belts and lipstick and gloves.
Yeah- that's about it.

We usually went out trick-or-treating
dressed like hobos or clowns-
old ladies or fat men-
and maybe a monster once in awhile.

Never in my entire young Halloween life
did I ever run across a sexy witch
or a naughty nurse.

They didn't make them back then.

Life (and kids) were different back in the sixties-
when showing cleavage (or your "behind")
was the sure sign of a skanky floozy.

What's with the sultry cheerleaders
and cutie cops and vixen pirates?
Now days you can be a sexy sailor
or a bimbo bumble bee
or a barely-clad Disney character.

Who started this trend?

I think I liked it better when the scariest thing
walking around the neighborhood on Halloween night
was a vampire or a sheeted ghost.

Now we've got to worry about our own children
bumping into all kinds of weirdness on All Hallows Eve.

Tootsie Rolls, Butterflies, Traffic cops, and Referees
never looked like this!

And neither did Cowboys, Tarzan, or Barbarians!

I think I like the old way better.
It brings back memories of those cool autumn nights-
running around the neighborhood collecting candy.
That's the only time we got candy!
We had to make sure our paper sack
was falling-out-of-the-top full-
to last till Christmas-candy time.

These are the kind of costumes I remember:

Yes, things change.
Life goes on.
However, I think fashions and trends go terribly crazy sometimes.

But-hey-that's just me.

But- really-
have you ever heard of a sexy skunk????!!!!