Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hip Hop for Christy

I have friends.           

Yes, I really do.

You may not believe it
by the number of comments that I get,
but other than my sisters-
and a few other special people -
I do have lots of bloggy friends.

Christy is one of them.

Her blog is named is Box O' Whine
(How appropriate...)
Click on the Box O' Whine link above
and read her latest post.

Yes- right now!
or the rest of my ranting here
won't make much sense.

Now read on:
So- Christy-My bloggy friend-
This is for you!

(Now remember to read it in "hip-hop rap"!)

Rap Song by Rae
Titled: Cuz It's My Car

Let's do this..

Got a wicked car-
it's lean and green
Better than bling
itz an awesome thing.

And now ...
they wanna ride my wheels-
get in on the thrills-
be makin me deals...
Cuz I got the car.
Cuz I got the car.

I be burnin rubber-
smokin the town
and gettin down-
Camaro's the crown...
I'm right with this, man..,
so on with the plan..

I shine it real fit...
like ice, baby, smoke it...
this ain't no joke s**t...

Apple green-
Sleek and mean
Booty like a star-
Ridin fast and far-
and thrills
and makin' me deals...
Cuz I got the car...
Cuz I got the car...

We be celebratin...
Down with hatin'...
Tired of waitin'
Ain't no debatin'

It's party time-
I'm gonna shine
Cuz it's my car...
Cuz it's my car!

I sometimes think that

I've just got too much time on my hands....

Just proves the lengths I'll go to for my friends.